The neighbourhood of Worthing, West Sussex witnessed emergency services rushing to save the life of an infant. The one-year-old baby was reportedly found unresponsive in the outdoor hot tub on the property. Medics were unable to save the child's life even after he was taken to a hospital. An inquest will be held after an investigation into the incident is complete.

Neighbours in Central Avenue, Worthing recalled witnessing an air ambulance land at around 1pm yesterday. Ambulances, a helicopter and police vehicles were seen in the neighbourhood after the emergency call was made.

Exact details of the incident remain unknown as the investigation is ongoing. However, it is clear that the child had fallen into the hot tub that is on the garden of the £500,000 property. It is unclear if the child was under adult supervision when the incident occurred. How the child fell into the tub is being investigated by the Sussex Police.

Neighbours of the family were left wondering how he fell into the tub. They stated that they felt sorry for the family's loss.

A spokesperson of the Sussex police confirmed the incident. They said that emergency services responded to a call in Central Avenue regarding the welfare of a one-year-old boy. The call was made at around 12:57 pm. Paramedics tried to revive the child on the scene before rushing him to Worthing Hospital.

At the hospital, the child remained unresponsive and eventually passed away. Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. The child's body has been sent for a post-mortem examination. The coroner's report will play a key role in the investigation.

South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesperson also released a statement regarding the incident. They stated that they responded to a medical incident at a residence in Findon Valley. According to the South East Coast Ambulance Service, the emergency call came shortly after 12:30 pm on Wednesday. They refused to share any details of the child due to patient confidentiality.

According to the Daily Mail, it has been speculated that the child died of cardiac arrest. At a later date, an inquest will be opened and adjourned.

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Air ambulance responded to call of a drowned one-year-old baby in Sussex. (Representational image) Coast Guard Compass