The 3D Optical Illusion House
The 3D Optical Illusion House Image Credit: YouTube/TheSuperNews247

Passersby on a modest street in Dalston can't help but stop and stare at one particular house. The building, which appears to be quite an ordinary construction, appears to aid people in creating gravity-defying stunts; some of them fulfil dreams of being Spiderman and walk or crawl up the walls.

In truth, there is nothing extraordinary about this building, except it is not really a house with walls and floors and ceilings. It is actually an art installation, by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich. The house, as such, is actually a frame on the ground with a giant mirror above, placed at a very precise angle.

The result is an optical illusion - people looking at the mirror are easily convinced there is actually a house in that space and they really are seeing people crawling up the walls.

"I didn't realise that was a mirror, I thought that this was actually stood up," one of those fooled explained. Another said, "It makes you think, it challenges you, and adds spice to life."

The Illusive Artist

Erlich, a 40-year-old artist from Buenos Aires, has quite the reputation in the world of 3D illusions and New York City's Sean Kelly Gallery calls Erlich a "architect of the uncertain" and describes his work as creating "spaces with fluid and unstable boundaries... a single change (up is down, inside is out) can be enough to upset the seemingly normal situation".

"I like the idea of questioning reality. I hope that people go back to daily life thinking that things are not always the way they seem," Erlich explained, adding that the most important thing about the Dalston House illusion was to ensure the mirror is at an exact 45 degree angle.

"That's what produces the reflection," he said, "If the angle is slightly wrong, the building will look slightly ... off."

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[Video Courtesy: YouTube/TheSuperNews247]