Oscar Pistorius got into a fight in a nightclub, in which he ended up sprawled over a chair, only days after the judge in his murder trial retired to consider a verdict.

The fallen star allegedly was involved in a confrontation in the VIP area of a swanky Johannesburg club called the VIP Room, last weekend.

South African media reported the other man involved was poked in the chest by the disabled runner, who was described as being "drunk and aggressive".

That is according to Jared Mortimer, who was himself accused by the Pistorius camp of "aggressively engaging" the runner about the shooting dead of Reeva Steenkamp.

During the altercation in the VIP section of the nightclub, Mortimer told The Juice website that he pushed Pistorius after being poked by him, which sent the athlete crashing over a chair.

The two men apparently shared a mutual friend and Mortimer claimed Pistorius ranted at him about how he had been stabbed in the back during the trial by people he had considered friends.

Recounting the incident, "Oscar knew one of my friends and said: 'Oh, you are the infamous Jared Mortimer.'

"He immediately started talking about his friends and how they had backstabbed him. He mentioned Darren Fresco.

"He was going on about how influential his family is and how connected they are. He even pulled out his phone to show me pictures of armoured cars."

When the situation developed into a confrontation, Pistorius allegedly yelled: "You'll never get the better of me!"

Bouncers intervened and the 27 year old left the premises.

Anneliese Burgess, a spokeswoman for Pistorius, said the runner was at the club with a cousin.

"They sat in a quiet area of the private VIP section when they were approached by the individual," she said.

"The individual in question, according to our client, started to aggressively engage him on matters relating to the trial.

"An argument ensued during which our client asked to be left alone. Oscar left soon thereafter with his cousin. Our client regrets the decision to go into a public place and thereby inviting unwelcome attention."