Oscar Pistorius was
Oscar Pistorius was "a prima donna" by getting angry at manager Peet Van Zyl over kit Reuters

Prosecutors in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial have read from an interview with fellow Paralympian Arnu Fourie which mentions the bladerunner's anger and "raging" during London 2012 and describes him as "a prima donna".

Fourie was apparently forced to move rooms to escape Pistorius's trantrums.

After his comments were cited as evidence Fourie said on twitter that in fact he "cherished" the time he spent with Pistorius at the games. He did not however refute the claims about Pistorius's temper.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel read the extract to show Pistorius was prone to outbursts of anger, despite a mental health report stating the runner does not have the personality traits typically associated with explosive rage and violent outbursts.

The prosecution claim Pistorius killed Steenkamp in a fit of rage following an argument.

The Fourie interview reads: "I was aware that this poster boy for the Paralympic Games could have flashes of a darker side. I had experienced his anger shortly before the Beijing Paralympic Games. Oscar was at the pre-Games training camp and phoned me, raging about what he perceived to be inadequate training kit. His fury at the South African management caught me by surprise. Oscar knew he couldn't be ignored, and his anger would ensure his demands were met. I hadn't expected Oscar to be a prima donna."

The interview appeared in the Telegraph days after the shooting of Riva Steenkamp. Fourie's tweets appear to distance himself from his original comments about Pistorius being a prima donna.

Fourie wrote: "Just to clarify, I approached our medical doctor at the London 2012 Paralympic Games to find out if the isolation room was available two nights before our 100m final. It was one of the most important races of my life and I wanted to rest and recover well on my own time. I cherish all the moments we shared at the London Games."

Pistorius denies murdering Steenkamp. The trial continues.