Oscar Pistorius vomited in to a bucket when he saw a graphic image of the body of Reeva Steenkamp in court today (Thursday)
Oscar Pistorius a 'suicide risk', hears runner's murder trial Reuters

Oscar Pistorius is at risk of committing suicide over the killing of Reeva Steenkamp, his murder trial has been told.

The fallen star is undergoing treatment for mental trauma caused by the shooting of his girlfriend on Valentine's Day last year. Halting the treatment could tip him over the edge towards killing himself, warned a psychological evaluation team.

The experts also concluded the paralympian does not have a psychopathic character or the typical narcissistic traits commonly found in those who commit crimes such as murder.

The report on Pistorius's state of mind followed six weeks of tests at a specialist hospital. The findings were read out by defence lawyer Barry Roux.

"Mr Pistorius has been severely traumatised by the events that took place" Roux said.

"He currently suffers from a post-traumatic stress disorder and a major depressive disorder. The degree of anxiety and depression that is present is significant. He is also mourning the loss of Ms Steenkamp."

According to the findings, Pistorius should continue to receive care from psychiatrists and clinical psychologists for his current condition.

"Should he not receive proper clinical care, his condition is likely to worsen and increase the risks for suicide" Roux continued.

"No evidence could be found to suggest Mr Pistorius has a history of abnormal aggression or explosive violence. He does not display characteristics of narcissism or psychopathy that are associated with men in abusive relationships and have linked to rage-type murders in intimate relationships."

The report's findings look good for Pistorius's case. They appear to undermine the prosecution's claim that he blasted Steenkamp to death in a fit of rage following an argument.

Pistorius's fragile mental condition has been evident from his behaviour during the trial, where he has wept and vomited repeatedly and was a less than impressive witness in his own defence.

Pistorius denies murder. The trial continues.