A security guard recalled how he saw Oscar Pistorius carrying the body of Reeva Steenkamp downstairs after shooting her at his home.

Giving evidence at the murder trial of the Bladerunner, Pieter Baba said he had been plunged into such shock by the sight that he was "unable to think."

Baba was a member of the security team monitoring the luxury gated community in which Pistorius lived on the outskirts of Pretoria. He was on patrol on the night.

Speaking via an interpreter, Baba told the North Gauteng High Court he heard "rifle shots" and then was called by two neighbours of Pistorius about the noise on Valentine's Day last year.

"I went to Pistorius' house and made calls to his house. Pistorius said to me he's fine, but he was crying," said Baba.

"Pistorius called me back... he just started crying on the phone."

Baba went to Pistorius's luxury home, where he saw the disabled athlete descend the staircase carrying his mortally wounded girlfriend.

Baba said: "I was so shocked that I couldn't even think for a few moments.

"I could see Oscar coming down with Reeva. I was staring at Oscar. I was in such terrible fright at [having heard] Oscar tell me everything was fine, only to come and find him carrying Reeva down from the top floor to the ground floor.

"I was too shocked. I started realising what was happening."

Baba had to stop giving his evidence after complaining he was feeling unwell. The court adjourned until Monday morning.

Baba's evidence followed testimony yesterday (Thursday, day four) from neighbour Dr Johan Stipp, who said he heard Pistorius weeping and praying over the body of his girlfriend, upon arriving at the scene.

Earlier on day five of the fallen icon's trial, the court heard evidence from former girlfriend Samantha Taylor. She broke down in tears remembering how their relationship ended over Pistorius's "cheating" with Steenkamp.

Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Reuters