Pakistan-born British billionaire Mohammad Zahoor, who is married to a famous Ukrainian singer, has reportedly bought two warplanes to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

According to his wife Kamaliya Zahoor, her husband and the couple's friends have been involved in mobilising funds and aid to help Ukraine. However, the businessman has not made any comments about the acquisition of planes yet.

"(Mohammad) gave me the green light to tell this. Because they hid these [actions]. They gave two fighter jets to Ukraine and help Ukraine," she told local Ukrainian publications, according to a report in The Independent.

Mohammad Zahoor used to live in Ukraine before the Russian invasion in February this year. He is also the former publisher of Kyiv Post.

The businessman is also involved in a £1m housing project for Ukrainian refugees in Germany, added Kamaliya.

Mohammad Zahoor is the founder of the ISTIL Group and had arrived in Ukraine in the '70s as a student. After the Russian invasion, he said that it was not the time to keep quiet and people need to take sides.

"I am openly taking the side of Ukraine because after seeing [reports in] western, Ukrainian and Russian media, I can see who is telling the truth," he had said.

"This is the time actually for everyone to speak up for Ukraine, otherwise every big country is going to swallow its next-door neighbour," added Zahoor.

Meanwhile, the war between Russia and Ukraine has not shown any signs of coming to end anytime soon. A senior Pentagon official recently warned that the war could drag on for a long time. A report published in The Atlantic revealed that the war has already taken tens of thousands of lives and forced some 12 million Ukrainian to leave their country.

Mohammad Zahoor
Mohammad Zahoor with wife Kamaliya in 2018: Photo/Sergey Gritsenko, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons