Pakistan has stressed that Kashmir remains a "core issue" during peace talks between the Pakistani and Indian foreign ministers in New Delhi. The talks are the first of their kind since suspected Pakistani terrorists attacked an Indian army base in Pathankot in January.

According to Indian broadcaster NDTV, Pakistan's High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basin, released a statement while the talks were still in process, upsetting India. The statement read: "All outstanding issues including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute were discussed.

"The foreign secretary emphasised that Kashmir remains the core issue that requires a just solution, in accordance with UNSC [United Nations Security Council] resolutions and wishes of the Kashmiri people."

Kashmir has been a region of dispute between India and Pakistan since the countries were formed in 1947 when British rule in the region ended. The territorial dispute has sparked two of the three India-Pakistan wars and had led to continuing tension between the two neighbouring countries.

Thousands of Indians took to Twitter to discuss Basit's statement, with "UNSC" trending nationwide as people questioned what it meant to bring UNSC resolutions into the situation. Many stated that if Pakistan wants a solution on Kashmir "in accordance with UNSC resolutions", this would require the country first leaving PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir).

One Twitter user stated: "Pak foreign sec says Kashmir needs solution based on UNSC resolution. Which requires Pak to vacate PoK as a first step. Good." Another said: "India should ask Pakistan to immediately withdraw their forces from PoK under the UNSC resolution."

In his statement, Basit said: "The meeting provided a useful opportunity to exchange views on recent developments in bilateral context. In line with our prime minister's vision of peaceful neighbourhood, the foreign secretary underscored Pakistan's commitment to have friendly relations with all its neighbours, including India."

The dialogue between Pakistani Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry and his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar is taking place on the sidelines of the Heart of Asia – Istanbul process conference in New Delhi.