Abdul Rehman Khetran
Seven people were found chained up inside Abdul Rehman Khetran's home. wiki commons

A politician in Pakistan has been arrested after seven people, including three children, were found chained up inside a private dungeon in his home in the Balochistan province.

Abdul Rehman Khetran, a conservative lawmaker, has been charged with kidnapping after two men, two women and three children were found chained in the basement of his home.

All of the prisoners had been tortured, Barkhan police chief Abdul Ghafoor told the Pakistan Observer. Weapons and ammunition were also found inside his home.

According to New York Daily News, two of the prisoners had been chained in the dungeon for two years.

Khetran is the MP of the Balochistan Assembly and he belongs to Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam. He denies the charges, saying he was being targeted by the authorities for his political power: "I am in the opposition therefore I am being targeted," he said.

The dungeon and prisoners were discovered during a police and anti-terrorist force raid at Khetran's home over the weekend.

He and nine other people, including his son and private guards, have also been accused of kidnapping three policemen and stealing weapons from them.

Khetran is a legislator for Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, a conservative, religious party. The Balochistan province, a mineral-rich area in the west of Pakistan, is an area of poverty and has been dogged by drug lords, Taliban insurgents and separatist rebels, Reuters reports.

A number of private dungeons have been discovered over the last few years.

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