A Pakistani boy who set himself on fire after his parents refused to buy him a school uniform has died, according to AP.

Kamran Khan, 13, from Shabqadar, northwest Pakistan, reportedly begged with his mother for days to buy him a new white shalwar kameez, the loose-fitting shirt and pants which is the traditional clothing of Pakistani men and women.

The boy, who attended a local private school for free on a scholarship, was embarrassed that his old one was torn and patched up.

Khram's mother, who works as a maid, told him the family could not afford a new uniform and, after days of being pestered, she lost her patience and slapped her son.

Kamran, who had threatened to commit suicide if they did not get him one, then stormed out of the house, doused himself with petrol and set himself on fire.

He was rushed to an army-run hospital in Punjab province and died after suffering burns on 65 percent of his body.

His family could raise only one-tenth of the £3,400 needed for his treatment

Kamran's father borrowed money from relatives to buy a work visa to Saudi Arabia four months ago, but did not manage to find a job.

The boy used to wander the streets in his hometown looking for bits of scrap metal to sell to make extra money for the family.

Around 60 per cent of Pakistan's population of 170 million live at the poverty level on less than £1.25 per day.