Hundreds took part in a funeral procession for a 22-year-old Palestinian from Hebron in the West Bank on Thursday (5 November) who according to police was shot dead after he rammed his car into a 20-year-old Israeli border policeman.

"A border policeman was critically wounded in a ramming attack near Hebron," police said in a statement. "The team of officers at the junction opened precise fire on the terrorist."

Hebron has become the focal point of violent unrest and the military said it was the 30th attack against Israelis in the area since the start of October, around the time the latest wave of violence began. Eleven Israelis have been killed in stabbings, shootings or other attacks. At least 68 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli forces, including 41 who Israel says were attackers. Many were teenagers.

In a strong signal that violence, which largely began in Jerusalem, was indeed shifting focus to the West Bank, the Israeli police said it was removing some of the temporary roadblocks put up around Jerusalem over the past month.