Pamela Anderson has been branded a hypocrite after urging people to stop watching pornography, saying that the X-rated videos have become "weirder and stronger". Appearing alongside Rabbi Shmuel Boteach on ITV's This Morning, the Baywatch actress claimed that people had become desensitised after growing reliant on an unhealthy outlet.

According to the 49-year-old relationships were suffering because of exposure to porn and it was worrying trend. "The sexual revolution was a great thing but it also gave us really bad sex," she explained. "Because in the age of technology there's so much access. People are becoming desensitised. The images get weirder and stronger. I have two children and it's worrisome."

Anderson rose to fame after gracing the covers of adult magazine Playboy and appeared in the publication's final nude issue in December 2015. She also appeared topless in soft core film Barb Wire and was in several sex scenes in Good Cop Bad Cop. Reflecting on her racy past, she told hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that also she did not consider Playboy to be pornography she knows that she is " part of the problem".

She said: "I should probably disqualify myself from this whole situation because I was in Playboy and I had a tape stolen from my home and exploited all over the world."

However, her comments did not go down well with viewers who jumped on social media to express their distain.

One user said: "Can't help but think Pamela Anderson is being a tad hypocritical here.... #thismorning"

Another added: "And she's in the baywatch movie!!! Hypocritical Pamela #thismorning."

Some fans commended her for campaigning for a change in attitudes towards porn. "@pamfoundation brilliant discussion on love & sex @thismorning surprising in a good way & this awareness is needed #sex #love #thismorning," another wrote on the micro-blogging platform.

Back in September, Anderson described adult material as a "public hazard" that affects a man's ability to function as husband, and, by extension, as father. She made the statement in an a joint op-ed article with Boteach for The Wall Street Journal,in the wake of the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal .