A 40-year-old man was found living with the decomposing body of his father for the past three months. Police said the man's bed-ridden mother was also inside the house.

Local media identified the man as Kaushik Dey, from the Indian city of Kolkata. Dey reportedly told officers that his father, 70-year-old Sangram Dey, died three months ago, according to The Times Of India.

However, the officers said they are yet to ascertain the time of the man's death. "We have come to know that the man had informed one of his neighbors about the death of his father on November 2. We will wait for the post-mortem report to find the reason and time of his death," a senior police official said.

The report added that Kaushik's paralysed mother told officers that her unemployed son did not listen to her requests to cremate her deceased husband. Kaushik allegedly told her that his father had a "social death" and that in "absolute realism" he was "very much alive and would wake up soon."

The officers believe that Kaushik may not be mentally stable, and further legal action will be possible after consultation with medical professionals, reported News 18.

According to police, neighbors said that they didn't see Sangram for the past few days. He and his wife always used to order food from a nearby eatery for years. However, neighbors noticed that, of late, the son had been collecting the food and the quantity of the order had come down. Though he was questioned about this, Kaushik did not give any clear answer. It was then that the officers were alerted, the report said.

Police said Sangram had not been withdrawing money from his pension account for the last three months. Cops are also checking the banking transactions of both Sangram and Kaushik to ensure that there is no foul play in the man's death.

"Kaushik told us that his father had withdrawn Rs 30,000 ($402) earlier. He and his mother had been living on this money in the past several weeks," the police official added.

A similar case was reported earlier in India wherein two sisters kept their 78-year-old mother's decomposing body in their home "so that they can bring her back to life." Police learned of the woman's death after a caller reported a rotten smell emanating from the woman's house.

Dead Body
Representational image. Photo: Pixabay