"I manage entering the dressing room. Two or three persons were behind me. We closed the door. There was a sofa. I took it, I put it against the door."

He was one of those who managed to survive the massacre of 89 victims after hiding from gunmen who attacked the Bataclan Concert Hall on Friday 13 November in Paris. They were 20 people hiding in the dressing room - 4 square metres in total and the window was closed.

"We all ended up shirtless. We could not breath because there was no more air. And so we stayed there for three hours."

They heard everything, from the screams to the shooting to the negotiations between the attackers and the police.

"And then when we got out, when the police freed us, there were bodies everywhere on the ground. There was blood. There was human flesh. Fragments. It was horrible," he says.