Saint Denis raid
French police enter the Eglise Neuve church during an operation in Saint-Denis REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen

A French teacher who claimed he was stabbed in Paris suburbs by an attacker shouting allegiance to the Islamic State (Isis) has now confessed that he made up the story.

Details about the incident in the town of Aubervillers, in the suburb of Seine-Saint Denis, are still sketchy. French media are reporting that the man injured himself and then blamed a masked militant for the attack.

Earlier, it was reported that a hooded assailant, wearing a white coat and white gloves, attacked the 40-year-old teacher with a knife as he was preparing class at around 7am.

The teacher said the attacker reportedly shouted "This is Daesh. This is a warning." The probe had been taken over by France's anti-terror police.

Seine-Saint Denis is the site of a deadly police raid that targeted suspects of 13 November's Paris attacks, which killed 130 people. At least two people were killed in the swoop, including the attacks' orchestrator Abdelhamid Abaaoud.