Paul Gascoigne
Paul Gascoigne photographed before entering the Cottonwood treatment centre in Arizona last week.

Former England football star Paul Gascoigne is in intensive care in a US hospital after suffering severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms shortly after entering a rehab clinic in Arizona.

Gascoigne, 45, suffered a "very bad reaction" to the detox treatment he was undergoing, said his former team-mate at Tottenham, Gary Mabbutt. His immediate condition is not thought to be life-threatening,

Gascoigne flew to the United States last week and was admitted to the Cottonwood rehabilitation centre for treatment for alcohol addiction.

But after suffering the extreme reaction, Gascoigne, 45, was taken to a hospital in Tucson where his condition could be monitored.

Mabbutt, who is in regular contact with Gascoigne, said: "Unfortunately over the last few weeks Paul has had a relapse, which culminated finally, last Monday, in Paul asking for help.

"By Monday afternoon he was on a plane out to Arizona to a clinic specialising in dealing with Paul's specific problems.

"The first part of the treatment was the detox and unfortunately Paul had a very bad reaction to the detox which meant that as a precaution he was moved from the clinic to a hospital where he was put in intensive care so that they could monitor him 24-7."

Mabbut added: "I spoke to his medical team here in the UK who spoke to Paul this morning. It's not a life-threatening situation and Paul is back on the road to recovery and hopefully soon he will be back into the clinic to continue his rehab.

"Over the years he has had a lot of support from the football family, but of course it could be a long road to recovery. Now Paul's asked for the help we can focus on getting through this."

The clinic declined to comment on Gascoigne's condition.

Gascoigne's former England team mate Gary Lineker tweeted at 1am on Sunday morning: "Gazza is struggling, Let's hope he can hang on in there. Others have generously offered to help."

Wayne Rooney also sent the star his good wishes. "He was a hero of mine growing up and it's sad for everyone to see and read about.

"My best wishes are with him and hopefully he can get himself out of this situation. I'm sure everyone, every England fan and every Paul Gascoigne fan, wishes him the best of luck."