Alexander Bede Walsh, a catholic priest, has been sentenced to 22 years in jail for misusing his position to abuse young children. He was found guilty at the Stone-on-Trent Crown court. He has been charged with 21 counts of offence which he committed through an 18-year period.

The pedophile attributes of the priest came to the fore when two young men first lodged a complaint in 2006. The first two complaints were then followed by many more complaints shedding light on the priest's dark side.

In some of the insane acts of sexual desire, the priest had on many occasions dressed the boys in nappies and photographed them.

The judge who read out the sentence said the priest was a shameless man who had no remorse for the evil he had committed as he challenged the boys when they complained saying they were motivated by the compensation if they won the case.

The judge also pointed to a serious sexual offence that instigated a young boy to try committing suicide.

Walsh, of Church Lane, Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, worked in parishes in Coventry, Banbury and north Staffordshire after being ordained in 1979, the Huffington Post noted.

The Archbishop of Wales apologised on behalf of the clergy and said that the case was the worst example of betrayal of trust and expressed sorrow for the young boys who were abused and who had now grown into adults going through the troubling memories through their growing years.

Detective Constable Tim Bailey from Staffordshire Police, said the priest is a disgrace to humanity.