On the day millions of Britons head to the polls to choose the new government, left-wing voters are destroying copies of bestselling newspapers The Sun and Daily Mail.

The Sun's front page featured a picture of Jeremy Corbyn in a bin with the headline "Don't chuck Britain in the Cor-bin". The Daily Mail's front page read: "In a stunning move, Mrs May calls the bluff of the 'game-playing' Remoaners (including 'unelected' Lords) with a snap election and vows to...CRUSH THE SABOTEURS."

To highlight their disdain for the Conservatives and the anti-Corbyn coverage published by the right-wing press, many people burned and tore apart copies of the tabloids.

"Just bought local newsagents entire stock of hate wanking rags. Will be burning shortly...," author John Niven said on Twitter.

He later shared a video of the papers going up in flames in his back garden, along with the caption: "This morning I reignited the British spirit with the newsagents entire stock of Suns and Daily Mails."

Other people simply dumped every copy they could lay their hands on in the bin.

One woman shared a picture of the backseat of her piled high with at least a hundred copies of the tabloid newspapers.

The Guardian's technology editor, Jonathan Haynes, was less impressed with the display of protest. "The burning of papers you don't like: a) you're giving the publishers of them money. b) it's more environmentally friendly to recycle them," he wrote on Twitter.

Some people also said the stunt is reminiscent of how Nazi Germany burned books which they believe opposed their own views.

Baker Ruby Tandoh agreed with Haynes and chose to recycle all her copies of The Sun and Daily Mail.