The Chinese Army has released a recruitment rap video featuring the lyrics 'just waiting for the order: kill, kill kill' in a bid to encourage young people to consider joining the military. The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has taken the somewhat usual approach to recruitment following a reported rise in young people shying away from military service.

Its video, set to a song called Battle Formation, features a kill shot to the head, fighter jets, missile launches and a number of tanks in what appears to be a complete change of tack from the PLA's usually sedate recruitment videos, China Military News reported.

The lyrics of Battle Formation include the lines: "There could be a war at any time. Are you ready for that?" and "Just waiting for the order: kill, kill, kill" along with: "Ambassadors of peace, we are the guardians of China. Ambassadors of power, we are the tiger's teeth."

The footage has been compared to the shoot-'em-up military-style video games, such as Call Of Duty or Battlefield, that are popular with a younger audience.

It highlights the loyalty required, both to fellow soldiers and to the party, to join the military in China, with lyrics: "Even if a bullet passes through my chest, my mission remains carved in my heart."
"Brothers, let's follow this light. Roar with animal spirit."

The recruitment drive follows the news that the PLA has cut 300,000 personnel jobs and will be concentrating funding on the air force, navy and land army.