Missing British backpacker Harry Greaves, 29, from Oswestry in Shropshire, may have been sighted by a local in Peru according to a charity which specialises in helping Britons in difficulty abroad. Now the Lucie Blackman Trust is attempting to raise funds to pay for a drone which would fly over the mountainous and remote area in which he went missing almost a fortnight ago.

Furniture-maker Greaves was staying with friends at Pisac, near Coscou, and has not been seen since 7 April after saying he wished to spend a day on the mountain by himself. He would have celebrated his 29th birthday on 9 April and had been expected to return on 10 April but hasn't been heard from since.

A spokesman for the Lucie Blackman Trust said on 19 April: "Overnight we believe that there is a local who has sighted Harry more recently than the last sighting of him - he was heading towards Pisac. That is where the search effort is now being concentrated." The sighting "is as confirmed as it can be" said the spokesman. "It was a local who came forward to friends over there and said this happened."

Harry's sister Ellen said Harry's lack of contact is out of character and his family fear for his safety. "He's done a number of outdoor trips before," she told the BBC. "We understand he went with provisions - with a tent and food. We've contacted the Foreign Office here. Interpol now know all the details and, out there, his friends have contacted the local police, local bus stations, local taxis."

A crowd-funding page has been set up to raise funds to hire a drone or helicopter to try and find the Briton, who flew out to Peru on 20 February and had earlier attended a permaculture course. Harry's father Simon Greaves said the whole family is frantic.

"I'm not sleeping very much or eating a great deal," said Simon. "I spend most of the day by the telephone or at the computer. We're supported by lots of very special friends. People everywhere have been so supportive and they've sent us great love."