A traffic accident in Peru has left at least 23 dead after a bus swerved off the road and plummeted 66ft into a river on Saturday. The bus's driver was swerving to avoid a truck that had crossed into the bus lane, according to early police reports.

At least 35 other people were injured in the crash after the bus left the road and fell into a river running beside the road. The incident took place outside the city of Cusco in Peru's south-east region.

The majority of the passengers were travelling from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco to cast their votes in the country's presidential elections. Voting is mandatory for citizens between the ages of 18-70 in Peru.

After falling the 66ft, the bus was partly submerged in the Mapacho river which hindered rescue attempts.

In 2013, 52 people died when a bus overturned in Cusco, one of the country's worst traffic accidents. In 2014, Peru had 2,798 traffic fatalities.