A Peruvian writer has filed a $250 copyright infringement lawsuit against Disney, claiming that hit movie Frozen’s plot is directly taken from her autobiography Disney

A Peruvian writer has filed a $250 million( £153 m) copyright infringement lawsuit against Disney Studios, claiming that hit movie Frozen's plot is directly taken from her autobiography.

Author Isabella Tanikumi filed a lawsuit with the District Court of New Jersey last week, and accused Disney of copying 18 different things from her 2010 book Yearnings of the Heart.

The little known author said the similarities include the plot around the tragic story of two sisters, a village at the foot of snow-clad mountains, betrayal, open doors/gates, and a moon setting.

According Fox News Latino ,Tanikumi also released a statement to Disney alongside her lawsuit.

"I recently purchased and viewed your movie Frozen with my daughter and was appalled at what I observed," claimed Tanikumi. She also revealed that movie characters of Elsa and Anna are built around her relationship with her sister Laura.

Both the characters and their alleged real-life counterparts were involved in an "accident" which caused "embarrassment and fear" on the part of one of the sisters.

The writer went on to comment that her book is "the story of two sisters who have tragedies, romances, conflicts, isolation and loneliness and there are significant similarities with your movie."

The lawsuit also claims that the movie's soundtrack, which earned Disney a Golden Globe for best original song, is also plagiarised.

"I am aware that writers in the music industry have taken portions of my stories to develop songs for popular artists and these writers may have corroborated with the writers of Frozen," she said.

Isabella Tanikumi's "Yearnings of the Heart" book synopsis on Amazon reads:

No official comment is released by the Disney Studios yet.