A resident of Brisbane, Australia, survived a massive house fire after being woken up by their pet parrot named Eric. Anton Nguyen was alerted at around 2 am local time. He escaped with his bird before the two-storey home went up in flames. Firefighters worked for an hour to get the blaze under control. Even though he lost his home and his belongings, the pet owner is glad that he and his life-saving green parrot are safe. The fire department is investigating the incident to find out what caused it.

The resident of Salstone Street at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane was fast asleep when he thought he heard a bang. He was further alarmed when he heard his green parrot desperately calling out his name. Waking up to the distressed animal's calls, Nguyen smelt smoke in his room.

Grabbing Eric, Nguyen opened the door of his room to discover flames flickering at the back of the house. He then grabbed a bag of essentials and ran downstairs. He rushed out of the home and alerted emergency services.

Shortly after the call, the emergency services arrived at the scene. It took four fire fighting crews to bring the flames under control. They had to fight the flames until around 3:30 am local time. The firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to any other homes. However, by the time they were able to put out the blaze, most of the home and Nguyen's belongings were torched.

Queensland Ambulance had responded to the emergency call but no medical assistance was required. Nguyen has escaped the house fire without any physical injuries.

Speaking to ABC, the pet owner said: "Everything's alright so long as I have myself and the bird." He revealed that he was alerted only by his bird squawking "Anton!". He claims he did not hear the smoke detector go off at any point in time.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Acting Inspector Cam Thomas confirmed the incident where the pet saved the owner's life. He stated that it was Eric that alerted the homeowner before the smoke alarm.

The house has been declared a crime scene as authorities continue to investigate the cause of the blaze.

White-fronted parrot
Man escapes house fire after being alerted by the calls of his pet parrot. (representational image) Christoph Anton Mitterer/Wiki Commons