rhinos kruger national park
Rhinos seen in Kruger National Park Reuters

Dublin Zoo have said they are investigating after pictures emerged over the weekend of a child inside the rhino enclosure. The images shared on social media show a boy standing on the other side of the fence while a man holds his hand.

The first image was shared on Twitter by Ciarán Ferrie from Glasgow who took the picture from another side of the facility and captioned it: "Just a child inside the rhino enclosure"

Adrianna Straszewska from Poland then replied to Ferrie's tweet with her own picture from behind the man and child, saying that they were like that "for good 20 minutes".

Dublin Zoo told IBTimes UK that the incident is being reviewed internally and would respond if fit in the future.

The pictures echo the story from Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year when Harambe the Gorilla was shot by his handlers after grabbing a three-year-old who fell into his enclosure. The incident sparked international outcry with many claiming that Harambe was trying to protect the child and some claiming that the child's parents' negligence was what had led to Harambe's death.