World eating champion Takeru Kobayashi guzzled a pizza in 60 seconds.

The Japanese speed eater pocketed $1,500 for eating the 12-inch pizza at the Super Bowl.

Kobayashi, 34, folded the slices into small chunks to cram into his mouth. Before his feat, he drank three gallons of water to stretch his stomach to its maximum capacity for unchewed crust, base and toppings.

His pizza stunt was all in a day's work for Kobayashi, who has found fame for his speed-eating. He is a six-time hotdog-eating world champion too. In August, he broke the record by eating 110 hotdog sausages at the New York State Fair.

Kobayashi is also in the Guinness Book of Records for his feats with huge piles of meatballs, beefburgers and pasta.