All ten people on board a Yemeni military transport plane have died after it crashed near Sanaa airport. The plane - which was out on a training exercise - came down in an empty market place. Officials say the crash was caused by a technical error.

These were the chaotic scenes at the crash site in the al-Hasaba district in the capital in a place that used to be used as a fruit and vegetable market. The market has been abandoned ever since clashes between the country's biggest tribal confederation and security forces nearby during last year's uprising. Emergency teams moved in quickly as soon as eyewitnesses saw the Russian-made Antonov plane drop out of the sky. People said it was completely burnt out and that thick black smoke surrounded the area. The head of the local council told reporters that ambulance crews apparently tried to save four on board who seemed alive at the time they reached the scene but it's now transpired that no-one survived.

The officials said the pilot tried to make an emergency landing after one of the plane's engines failed, but instead, the plane crashed and caught fire. America views Yemen's offshoot of al-Qaeda as the world's most dangerous branch of the terror network. The military's been engaged in a wide offensive against al-Qaeda since last spring. However, officials claim there was no indication of sabotage in the crash.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.