A constituent of Clewer East, an area of Windsor in the county of Berkinshire, England, complained to the council of the horrid experience he had of having human excrement dumped on him from a passing plane.

Councillor Karen Davies expressed her shock and horror when she shared the man's complaint with The Royal Borough Of Windsor & Maidenhead's aviation forum. She said the unnamed individual contacted her about the "dreadful" episode, in which he described his "whole garden, and garden umbrellas and him" were all covered with human excrement.

The dumping reportedly happened "fairly centrally" to Winsor in mid-July. She said this was a special case unlike those she has heard happening every year about "frozen sewage from planes" getting dumped on people and on the ground.

"But this wasn't frozen and his whole garden was splattered in a very unpleasant way," Davies said as quoted by the BBC.

The councillor noted that the man was at the right place but at the wrong time when the incident happened. He was out in his garden at the time when the plane flew by and so it was a "really, horrible, horrible experience." She shared her hope that this incident "never happens again" to any of the residents.

Whitfield parish councillor Geoff Paxton, who has worked at airports for 40 years, called the incident "very rare." He explained that vacuum toilets in modern aircraft are usually very secure. They do not easily open to prevent spillage while on air.

Likewise, planes reportedly typically store human waste in special tanks and dispose of them once they have landed. He acknowledged that the problem could have stemmed from less pressure below 6,000ft and that "something came out of the vent at low altitude."

John Bowden, the councillor for Eton & Castle, called it a "one in a billion chance." He suggested that perhaps the warm weather could have somehow melted what could have been frozen human excrement and they came out as more "fluidy."

Davies said the man decided "to take it on the chin" and not file an insurance claim just to bump up his premium. She refused to identify the name of the airline but said it was "based a very long way away from here." The resident was also able to identify the plane via a route tracking app.

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