Anyone who is curious about how trade deals affect the world can now play Monopoly set in a world in which the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is the reality. Anti-TTIP campaign group Global Justice Now developed the online game to raise awareness of the trade agreement.

Corin Pearce, who developed the online version of the game, told IBTimes UK that the game was originally created as a real-life game, but the appeal of digital reach was significant for the organisation.

"We wanted to be able to communicate the corporate takeover of the world's resources and some of the struggles against it – but didn't want to resort to just handing out leaflets and reports," Pearce said. "For example, our Brighton group played it on the beach and got a lot of attention from passers-by, and we also took it to festivals in the UK, like WOMAD and Glastonbury."

Global Justice Now works with social movements and says it is fighting poverty and injustice by protesting TTIP. The trade deal has caused many controversies because of its impact on the power of businesses and the speculation that it would allow genetically altered foods to enter the UK markets.

"Through publishing research and highlighting global struggles, we try to get the public involved in our work and to ultimately tackle the frameworks that are designed to keep corporates powerful and many of people across the world struggling to have a decent life," Pearce said.

The game helps people understand the impacts of TTIP if it comes through. By selecting the "boot", you can play as the 99%, whose health care and financial situation will be harmed by the trade deal, while the "top hat" or the rich corporations, will gain when the US and European countries sign the deal.

You can play the game below and see how you score in a world where TTIP defines our trade relations, according to Global Justice Now.