Black Woman Racially Abused On Plane

A disturbing video has gone viral showing Portuguese police offers forcefully dragging off a British passenger off a Ryanair flight. 20-year-old Rafik Boutiche and his friend Islam Fessih were on the flight from Faro to London Stansted when the incident occurred.

The duo claims that some seats were empty and many passengers from the back had moved to the front of the aircraft. Boutiche had also moved to the front but was by the stewardess to move back to his seat. Fessih claims that during this shift Boutiche might have accidentally bumped into the stewardess. The stewardess immediately went to the back of the aircraft and alerted police for shoving her.

Police officers can be seen dragging Boutiche by his neck. One passenger can be heard shouting in the background, "You're hurting him."

Fessih recorded the actions that followed. Other passengers who witnessed the incident have denied the stewardess' claims.

Boutiche has suffered multiple injuries, his arms have cuts, his ankle is sprained, and his neck was in pain. The bag that he was carrying was almost torn.

After his friend was dragged off, Fessih exited the aircraft and the two spent another night in Portugal before taking a flight home. The young men had attended a music festival and were on their way back home when the incident occurred.

Instead of an apology, Ryanair has responded by placing a lifetime flying ban on Boutiche.

Back in 2018, Ryanair had been accused of racism when they chose to move the victim of racism instead of the racist who had chosen to abuse the lady. The man faced no consequence for the racial outburst.

A Ryanair plane at Dublin airport. Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images