Police Tape
Police apologised to the man after his case was reportedly dismissed by officers Getty Images

Police have apologised to a male victim of domestic violence after he was told by officers his case was "not a police matter".

The man had gone to Arbroath police station in Angus, western Scotland, to report harassment after a woman posted his address on Facebook, but was allegedly dismissed by officers.

He said he had moved house because of an abusive relationship with a former partner and did not want her to find out where he was currently living.

The man reportedly asked the officer to speak to the woman to ensure she did not publish any similar posts in the future.

The Police Investigations and Reviews Commissioner found PS Kirsty Hawkes predetermined the man was wasting police time, the Evening Telegraph reported.

The watchdog said she dismissed his concerns without listening to all of the circumstances and had not issued proper advice.

Chief Inspector Derek Hiley told the victim: "The CCTV footage obtained was reviewed and clearly shows that Constable Hawkes was not rude during the majority of her engagement with you.

"However, she is overheard responding to a comment made by you in relation to making a complaint as you were leaving stating, 'you do that, you like to make complaints'.

"I deem this remark unnecessary, rude and unprofessional and offer you an apology on behalf of Police Scotland.

"I am in a position to uphold the allegation and will ensure this matter is dealt with through line management to Constable Hawkes."