Football Coach Paedophile Arrested
The football coach was arrested after stolen videotapes showed evidence of child abuse Reuters

Spanish police caught and arrested a suspected paedophile after a burglar tipped them off by sending videotapes stolen from his home.

The anonymous tip contained three videotapes of sexual abuse against children aged 10 years old and younger.

"I have had the misfortune to have these tapes fall into my hands and feel obliged to submit them so you can do your work and put this ... in jail for life," the anonymous note stated.

The coach incriminated by the tapes was identified and arrested after authorities searched his home and the indoor football club that he worked at, according to police.

Officers have found four victims since the videotape was sent to them, one a 16-year-old who had been allegedly abused by the coach since he was 10.

The suspect had recently reported a burglary at his residence with several items being taken but he did not mention his video camera and tapes, police said.