Police have issued a drugs warning after a 16-year-old died who may have taken "ecstasy type tablets" at a party.

Shellie Callaghan fell ill on Saturday (15 October) following a house party in Midlothian. She died at Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary.

Local sources said she was one of four girls rushed to hospital from the property in her home village of Newtongrange.

Police "strongly urged" people to avoid "red bugatti veyron and purple ninja turtle" tablets following the teenager's death.

"Inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the death are at a very early stage, however one line of inquiry officers are following is that she may have had access to ecstasy type tablets," said police in a statement.

"Anyone who has taken these tablets is urged to seek immediate medical attention. Police Scotland's message is clear. There is no safe illegal drug and no safe way to take illegal drugs."

Shellie lived with her dad Frank Callaghan and mum Diane Kerr.

They were being comforted by relatives last night at their terraced house in the former mining community, according to the Daily Record.