The police in Germany have sought the general's public help to identify a possible murder victim by her teeth.

The police discovered charred remains of a woman under a motorway bridge near the city of Koblenz on June 15. They have since been trying to identify the victim but to no avail.

The officers have now released photos of the woman's teeth to help them identify her as her teeth are still healthy-looking. The woman's charred body was found under a bridge on the BAB 61 Federal Motorway, which connects the Dutch city of Venlo to an interchange near Hockenheim.

The authorities have been unable to match the woman's dental records to those on their files. They have released the pictures of her teeth in the hope that someone from her family will be able to recognise her, according to a report in The Mirror.

According to Mainz Criminal Police Department, the woman was around five feet, seven inches tall, and was between 20 and 45 years old. They believe that she was the victim of a criminal offence and has sought help from the public to establish her identity.

In a similar case reported from Brazil in 2013, the authorities were able to identify a burn victim with the help of their dental records.

The authorities had found a car completely burned with charred, calcinated human bones and teeth. The authorities were able to establish the victim's identity through their six implants. The implants were still intact as the temperature did not reach 1,650°C, the temperature at which titanium melts.

The victim's dental chart was then obtained from the dental surgeon who had attended to the victim in life. The police were able to trace the dentist through the car, which was the initial clue that led to the victim's identity, per the US National Library of Medicine.

The authorities then reached out to all radiologic clinics in the victim's supposed region of origin and finally found the dental surgeon who was able to confirm the victim's identity.

Dental x ray
Representative Image, Ruhrfisch, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons