An academic appointed by the Polish government to give expert advice on family planning claims it leads to an addiction to sex. Professor Urszula Dudziak from the Catholic University of Lublin also believes that contraception was a "sign of immaturity".

Her views became known when Polish media made public parts of a speech made by Dudziak called "Know the Truth About Contraception" at a conference she attended in 2014 called "The Great Defenders of Life".

"People protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancy risk serious consequences such as hedonism, sex addiction, a sense of shame and a tendency to betray," said the professor.

"Using contraception is wicked," she added.

Professor Dudziak is a frequent guest on Radio Maryja, an ultra-conservative and influential Catholic Radio station. She describes herself as a "natural family planning instructor".

It is feared that Poland's conservative government may place a stronger emphasis on Catholic beliefs rather than teaching youngsters about methods of birth control.

"Most schools already skip contraception [classes]," Alexandra Jozefowska, a sex-education specialist, said in a Telegraph report. "The choice of somebody known for her hostile views on contraception will increase the tendency of schools to avoid providing pupils with proper knowledge about this."

In Poland today, both doctors and pharmacists can stop women from receiving contraceptives. Its abortion law is the tightest in Europe - with attempts to punish women who do it illegally - and resistance to sex education fierce.

In 2015, the Polish government reversed a decision to offer explicit sex education into schools after opposition from parents. Sex education is still officially available in Poland but via optional classes outside school hours, which aren't widely publicised.

"It is hard to believe that in the 21st century they want to punish teachers, educators and carers who want to inform children about their development and the nature of sexual relationships, and put them in the same boat as paedophiles," said Monika Sajkowska, president of Nobody's Children, a charity fighting child abuse.