In an effort to emulate the look of rapper and mixed martial arts fighter, Popek, 25-year-old Aleksandra Sadowska decided to get the whites of her eyes tattooed black. The artist she went to in Warsaw, Poland botched the procedure, leading to medical complications. Sadowska's eyesight did not recover after the blackening. She is completely blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other. Sadowska has filed a lawsuit against the artist. If found guilty of unintentionally causing severe disability, the artist might be jailed for up to three years.

Paweł Ryszard Mikołajuw, popularly known as Popek, has a massive following in Poland and the Czech Republic. Sadowska, a self-confessed fan of the rapper and MMA fighter, tried to emulate his blackened eye look. The process of blacking the white parts of one's eyes require a skilled tattoo artist to deposit safe ink into the eye. The painful process can often cause temporary loss of sight even when done right.

Sadowska went to a tattoo artist who specialised in body piercings and regular tattoos. Sadowska's lawyers claim that the artist lacked the expertise and used the wrong kind of ink to blacken her eyes. When Sadowska complained of not being able to see after the procedure, the artist told her it was a part of the healing process.

Weeks after the procedure, the young woman sought medical attention. When she went to a military hospital, she was unable to see with her right eye and had limited vision in her left eye. Doctors performed three ophthalmological procedures to reduce the pressure on her eyes and the pain as well. At the same time, Sadowska was informed that there was no hope of her regaining sight.

The tattoo artist refused the charges against him for causing injury to his client. Three years since Sadowska was blinded by the artist, he is yet to be tried in court. If found guilty, he may have to pay a large fine as well as spend time behind bars.

Polska reported that the artist continues to work on clients at a studio which he is the co-owner of.

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