Images of US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stumbling after she left a 9/11 commemoration ceremony prematurely on Sunday (11 September) dominated newscasts. According to her doctor, Clinton is now "recovering nicely" though she has been diagnosed with pneumonia, which forced her to cancel a campaign trip to California.

Clinton's stumble has been viewed millions of times but is not the first time a politician has stumbled or fallen in public. Not even close. Indeed one could say there is a long-standing tradition of public figures toppling.

And while it's impossible to tell if our fascination with watching these missteps is rooted in innocent curiosity or one approaching morbid. Or somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, here's a sampler ranging from Ed Miliband's minor wobble to Michael Gove's stumble and tumble to Fidel Castro's full-stretch reach for the ground.

Ed Miliband:

Julia Gillard:

Robert Mugabe:

Fidel Castro:

Imran Khan:

Bob Dole:

John Howard:

Gerald Ford:

Neil Kinnock:

King of Spain:

Francois Hollande:

Nhlanhla Nene:

And finally Hillary Clinton:

Zdenek Gazda via Storyful