YouTube star Shane Dawson has wasted no time refuting claims from another YouTube channel that he is a paedophile.

PopBlast, a channel that has 700,000 followers, uploaded a video titled 'Shane Dawson is a paedophile, here's the proof'. The name was eventually changed to 'I think Shane Dawson is a paedophile' before eventually deleting it from YouTube. The entire channel has now been "terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy".

The video references an old podcast where Dawson jokingly refers to naked babies as "sexy". It also says Dawson had a 13-year-old girl over at his house and that he forced a nine-year-old to hold his hand.

All of the claims were swiftly quashed when more details became known. The naked baby comment was prefaced by "first of all, I don't know why anybody would be turned on by that" and "I'm kidding" just after. The 13-year-old girl was at his house with her entire family and the nine-year-old was an actor with his mother present.

Dawson uploaded a video to his YouTube account, to which he has around 11 million followers. It is the number two trending video on YouTube at the time of writing. He apologised for ever making jokes in relation to paedophilia.

And if PopBlast's channel disappearance was not strange enough, it was followed up by a series of posts including code that translates to "they made me do it". One of the videos included a screen shot of a receipt, paying into an account $6500 USD from Jeffrey Oscar Levin.

Levin is the manager of fallen YouTube star Logan Paul, who is still public enemy number one after uploading a video of a dead body in Japan earlier this month. Nothing is confirmed, but conspiracy theories are running wild on the Internet that the move was a ploy to take heat off of Paul.

Despite being the victim of the alleged stunt, Dawson says it all seems a bit too scripted to be real.

And just for good measure, some people are even saying it was an elaborate ruse to put even more heat on Logan Paul. As Dawson says, "gotta love the internet".