A power cut in an Indian village led to a "bride-groom swap," and two sisters almost married the wrong grooms.

The bizarre incident took place in Aslana village of Ujjain district, after Rameshlal Railot decided to organise the weddings of his three daughters and a son on the same day.

However, the event witnessed a little hiccup when the village suffered a power cut when some of the rituals were being performed. Two of the brides got exchanged in the dark since all three sisters were wearing same bridal outfits and had their faces veiled.

The three brides had gone into a room with family members to perform some rituals when the exchange happened. However, the family realised their mistake as soon as the power was restored and the brides eventually married the right people.

"They did not exchange garlands or wedding vows, but the [mix-up] happened for one of the rituals," Railot's elder brother told The Independent.

The incident may seem bizarre or funny to some, but it highlights how frequent power cuts have ensured that life remains difficult for villagers in India.

It's not just Madhya Pradesh, but other states in the country have also been reporting frequent power outages. These power cuts are not limited to small towns and villages but even big cities are facing the same problem as temperatures soar.

The electricity consumption is at an all-time high due to a scorching heatwave being experienced by the country. The power cuts have also sparked a blame game with the Opposition blaming the ruling BJP for the electricity shortage in Madhya Pradesh.

"Strange incident reported during ongoing electricity crisis in Shivraj Government.... Two bride sisters got mixed up due to a power failure," tweeted Congress state media coordinator Narendra Saluja.

BJP MLA and party state spokesperson Yashpal Singh Sisodiya responded to Saluja'a comments by stating that the confusion during the wedding " did not happen because of a power cut, but Congress's attempt to misguide people."

Indian wedding
Reuters/Adnan Abidi