The flooding in Prague following heavy rain across Central Europe is the worst the city has experienced for a decade.

The historic city flooded after the Vltava river swelled following the downpours - two months' worth of rain have fallen in just a few days.

Authorities have been working to put up protective metal barriers across the city and parts of the zoo have been evacuated, with the animals being taken to higher ground.

The flooding in Prague is worse than that of 2002, which killed 17 people. So far seven people have been confirmed dead and four more are missing.

According to the Prague Post, two people died after a house collapsed, another man died disconnecting the power at a flooded electricity station and another woman was killed by a falling tree. Three more people were found dead in flooded regions of the country.

The Czech government has declared a state of emergency deployed 2,000 soldiers to help deal with the water.

It also said 300m CZK (£9.9m) would be made available to help people affected by the flooding.

So far over 7,000 people in Czech Republic have been evacuated from their homes, transport has been disrupted and schools have been closed.

Prime minister Petr Nečas said: "We are ready to make flexible decisions in further matters. The government will be very interactive in its relations with towns and villages, in order to minimise damage and to start early rectification of the consequences of these flood.

"Should further finances be required, the government will make them available immediately."

The flooding has also caused widespread damage in other parts of Central Europe, including areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Herbert Zillinger, spokesman for the Germany city of Passau, which has also been badly affected by the floods, called the situation was "dramatic".

German media is saying the water levels in the city have reached their highest level since 1501 - many parts of the city are inaccessible and the electricity supply has been shut down.

Other parts of southern Germany have experienced the highest floodwaters for 70 years. Chancellor Angela Merkel will today visit the affected areas after pledging to support regions hit by the flooding.

statue of world harmony leader Sri Chinmoy
The statue of world harmony leader Sri Chinmoy in the Vltava river (Reuters)
The flooding in Prague is worse than that of 2002, when 17 people died (Reuters)
2,000 soldiers have been deployed accross the Czech Republic (Reuters)
A flooded highway between Munich and Salzburg, near Grabenstaett (Reuters)
Steyr river
People watching the flooded Steyr river in Austria (Reuters)
The city of Passau in Germany has witnessed the worst flooding for over 500 years (Reuters)