A documentary screening of Terminal F or Chasing Edward Snowden was launched on 13 April during the inauguration ceremony of Russia Today's (RT) documentary channel, RTDOC, in Moscow.

The documentary tells the story of Edward Snowden's journey to Russia after he arrived in Hong Kong from the United States in 2013. The title of the film indicates that Snowden had once temporarily stayed in terminal F at Moscow's international airport Sheremetyevo, before he was granted temporary asylum by the Russian authorities.

Among other dignitaries present at the screening, there were directors John Goetz and Poul-Erik Heilbuth.

"More kind of details about kind of where people were in Hong Kong and there was some archive footage that we had of Glenn Greenwald that he hadn't seen before. It's kind of more situation and details that were new to him because he wasn't able to follow necessarily the television reporting as closely as he wanted to at that time," said Goetz, also award-winning journalist.

"I think you know people have to realize that there is a problem before they connect and what Snowden did was making a lot of people aware that there was a problem with surveillance, and to change a system that had worked and has so great powers involved, it's not just something you do over night. It takes a long time," said Heilbuth, also a well-known documentarian.

The documentary has interviews of former director of the National Security Agency (NSA), WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Sarah Harrison of WikiLeaks Legal Defense, who smuggled Snowden out of Hong Kong, Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald who helped Snowden reveal the confidential materials, Snowden's father and Snowden himself.

Terminal F is among other documentaries being screened by RT at different venues across Moscow. On Tuesday, RTDOC will air the exclusive Russian premiere of Terminal F.