On Friday, October 9, the family of Reagan Hancock found her slain in her home in Texas, United States. The pregnant woman had her abdomen slashed and her unborn foetus removed from her body. A murder investigation was launched and police arrested an unnamed suspect who is believed to be the murdered woman's friend. The suspect reportedly tried to steal the unborn child by prematurely removing her from the mother's womb. The child was taken to a hospital across the border in Oklahoma. However, the baby did not survive premature birth.

Raegan's mother walked into the family's home to find her daughter murdered. She reported the incident to the police in New Boston, Texas. The 22-year-old woman's body had been cut in the abdomen. It was also discovered that her unborn child had been removed from the womb. Texas rangers launched a murder investigation.

Soon after the search for the suspect began, a woman was arrested in Idabel, Oklahoma. The arrest took place after the woman reportedly took the premature baby to a hospital for treatment. However, the child died at the hospital. The woman who brought in the child was arrested for the kidnapping and murder of the child. It is unclear if she has been charged with Raegan's death. It is believed that the suspect and the victim were friends.

According to the Daily Mail, Raegan was expecting her second child with her husband, Homer Hancock. The couple married in September 2019 and have a three-year-old daughter together. According to her social media posts, the mother-to-be had wanted to name her second child Braxlynn Sage. The birth of the child was due on November 10.

On Saturday, the grieving mother of murdered woman shared a post on Facebook. She wrote how her family made the gruesome discovery and asked for the community to pray for her family.

The name of the suspect has not been revealed. The motive behind her actions has also not been unveiled. The police continue to investigate the incident.

A pregnant woman
Friend cuts open pregnant woman's abdomen to steal unborn child. (representational image) Jonas Kakaroto