French President François Hollande has been heckled and mobbed by farmers at an agricultural fair in Paris. Farmers across France have been protesting throughout the last year over collapsing food prices, and rising competition from big industry and neighbouring countries in the European Union (EU).

The President was swarmed by protesters at the annual fair on 27 February, with some shouting "Hollande resign" and "shame on you".

One unnamed farmed said, "It has been a year that we are talking and that he (Hollande) is not listening. We are all dying on our farms. Have you seen the number of young farmers that are dying? Who feeds you all? Who is? Well, tomorrow there will be nobody to do it. Nobody."

Protesters wore shirts reading "I am a farmer, I am dying", and demonstrated in front of a banner which said, "I am the best in my profession but my passion is no longer enough." The French government have spoken to the EU about this issue, with Prime Minister Manuel Valls meeting with the EU's top agricultural official Phil Hogan on 25 February.

Bruno Le Blevec, a farmer at the fair, said, "We're hit hard because today the cost price of milk is around €350 a tonne, and today we're being paid less than €300 which means we're losing money every month. And every month we have bills we need to face. So today our finances are more than tight. It's time for us to get our heads above water, because otherwise we're going to die off. We're going to die and we know we'll lose colleagues along the way".

The French government has announced tax cuts for farmers worth €500m euros to try and curb the downturn.