Prince Harry won a friendly race against the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, in Jamaica, on Tuesday.

Harry ran off after a false start at the University of the West Indies stadium in Kingston, as Usain Bolt jogged after him laughing.

"He cheated, I said we would have a rematch in London 2012 and Harry said 'I'm busy," the BBC quoted Usain Bolt as saying.

Bolt found the prince very cool and down to earth and considered it as a great honour to meet him.

Later, Harry mentioned about Jamaica's brain drain to the United States during a meeting with the journalists.

"This is a very small country, but it doesn't matter how big you are, if you've got talent use it. Don't go running off to America if you've got a clear talent your country needs," said Harry while interacting with the reporters.

Later in the day, the Prince also visited the Rise Life project at a youth community center in Kingston, where he danced along with a Chantol Dormer.

Prince Harry reached Jamaica by private jet as part of his overseas tour for the queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The prince received a 21-gun salute from members of the Jamaica Defense Force.

He earlier visited Belize, popularly known as the jewel of Carribean Islands and the Bahamas.

Harry is scheduled to visit Brazil on 9 March.

Take a look at the pictures of Prince Harry with Usain Bolt and his dancing with a Dormer: