A violent thug is back behind bars after spending his first day of freedom beating up random members of the public and stamping on the head of an elderly man.

Andrew Clark lasted one day on the streets of Leeds before he was back in handcuffs and put in a police cell.

He told officers his victims were "paedos" despite offering no evidence whatsoever. He later apologised for his "inexplicable" behaviour.

Clark's violent rampage in the Cross Gates area of the city saw him jailed for 15 years at Leeds Crown Court, the Yorkshire Post reported on Tuesday (31 October).

The court heard how the 31-year-old had been released from prison on 28 July after serving a sentence for domestic violence.

Phillip Adams, prosecuting, said Clark spent the first few hours of freedom drinking heavily before then attacking a man at random as he made his way home from work on his bike.

He hit him in the side of the head before punching him repeatedly in the face as he was on the ground.

The victim managed to run away and take refuge in a nearby takeaway, before Clark began kicking the restaurant's glass windows while accusing him of being a paedophile.

Adams said the man suffered a serious cut to his nose and has been left permanently scarred.

Clark's drunken spree of violence continued as he attacked two other men as they unloaded a van in Coldwell Road.

With a beer in hand, the court heard he screamed and foamed at the mouth as he grabbed one of the men by the collar and the other by the neck. He then attacked their van, causing £300 of damage.

Clark went on to bang on the door of an elderly couple, before dragging outside the 74-year-old man who answered.

The pensioner's son came to his father's aid but was pulled around like a "rag doll" by Clark, who then repeatedly stamped on the elderly man's head as he lay on the floor.

The victim's wife called 999 and was pushed to the floor as she tried to defend her son.

Clark was arrested at the scene and told officers he had carried out his attacks because the victims "were all paedos".

The 74-year-old victim suffered a partially detached retina and a broken ankle in the assault.

Other victims told of how they suffered anxiety and were afraid of being out in public as a result of Clark's actions.

Clark, of Willow Garth Close, Whinmoor, Leeds, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent, wounding, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, three offences of common assault and criminal damage.

Michael Walsh, mitigating, said Clark's behaviour was "almost inexplicable" and that his client was sorry for what he had done.