Unity was at the top of Jeremy Corbyn's agenda after his re-election as Labour leader at the party's annual conference in Liverpool last Saturday (24 September). But a row has broken out between two of his biggest supporters, trade unions RMT and Aslef.

RMT officials are angry with representatives from their sister union over Night Tube drivers and New Year's Eve shifts on the London Underground.

Aslef have declined to comment to IBTimes UK, but the RMT claims the union initially refused a proposal to give all New Years' Eve scheduled drivers first refusal and a bonus of £500 ($649) if they worked the shift.

Instead, the RMT alleges that Aslef representatives pushed for Night Tube operators to be booked off for the Saturday shift, meaning they would have to apply and compete for the shifts against drivers on higher seniority grades.

Underground bosses have now apparently agreed to not book the Night Tube drivers off, but they will not currently receive the enhanced pay, as part of previous Night Tube negotiations.

John Leach, an RMT regional organiser, told his members: "For 31 years on London Underground I have worked for inter-union unity because I know that we gain significant benefits for staff when unions work together, so I am saddened to learn that Aslef is using divisive sectionalist tactics to the detriment of some drivers.

"Hopefully the majority of drivers on London Underground will recognise that the RMT is seeking a fair and just solution to this problem, and will support us in our aims."

Transport for London declined to comment.