Hackers with links to the Isis terror group have released a list of names and addresses of thousands of Americans that the terrorists want to see killed in lone wolf attacks. The Pro-Isis United Cyber Caliphate (UCC) released a "kill list" of some 8,786 people, according to the Site intelligence group.

"Kill them wherever you find them," the UCC says in a video released along with the list.

The video message also threatens US President Donald Trump. "We have a message to the people of the US and most importantly your President Trump," the group said at the beginning of the video.

"Know that we continue to wage war against you. Know that your counter attacks only make us stronger. The UCC will start a new step in this war against you. So expect us soon Insha Allah!"

This is not the first time that hackers affiliated with Isis – which controls swathes of Syria and Iraq and has a presence in several African countries – has issued a kill list.

Last July, UCC released a list with more than 1,700 names, targeting members of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues in the US and urging followers to "kill them all".

At the time, Site said: "Recently released kill lists associated with the Islamic State (IS, also known as Isis) have highlighted an evolving and increasingly implemented terror tactic. Kill lists have long been released officially by jihadi groups, but it wasn't until recently that self-proclaimed hacking groups began releasing their own kill lists."

The group added that unlike past kill lists that focused on prominent political and/or economic figures, the recent trend included the "designation of seemingly random targets".

Just a few weeks before, pro-Isis hacker group, the Caliphate Cyber Army (CCA), released a"kill list" on social media, with names, addresses and emails of over 4,000 people from across the globe.