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Labour MP Tom Watson wants to know why the police won't interview the former Cabinet Minister Reuters

A former Tory cabinet minister at the centre of a police investigation into an alleged male sex ring involving teenagers has been named by a woman who claims he lured her to his London flat, kept her captive then brutally raped her.

Known only as "Jane", the woman has met Labour MP Tom Watson who is so concerned that police won't investigate he has written to the UK's Director of Public Prosecutions on her behalf.

According to "Jane", who was interviewed as part of a special investigation by the Sunday People and Exaro News, she met the future MP in 1967 when they were introduced at a party in London. She was 19, he a little older, well-spoken and dapper with slicked-back hair. Having arranged to meet, he asked if she would come to his flat to pick up some records for a party later.

It lasted just a few ­minutes. But they were long moments in my life

"I was very naive," she said. "If he had rung me, and invited me to go round to his flat, then that is not something that I would have done."

It was a trick, she said. Once inside, she alleges he locked the door and she locked herself in the bathroom, but he kicked and banged on the door until she came out. He led her to his bedroom and "raped" her on his bed. "It lasted just a few ­minutes. But they were long moments in my life. It was dark in the bedroom, and I could not see much. I remember him on top of me being very forceful."

From what I have heard, she did not consent to sex with the alleged perpetrator
 Labour MP Tom Watson

Jane only came forward in 2012, 45 years after the alleged rape. The former minister is now being investigated as part of Operation Fernbridge, looking into allegations of a paedophile sex ring involving politicians and celebrities.

Jane went to the police but they would not interview the man she named. Labour MP Watson met Jane on two occasions and said he found her "a very ­credible witness," so he wrote to the DPP expressing his concern at the police decision.

Watson said: "I have met the person making the rape allegations. She gave a very detailed account of a very traumatic episode. I have asked the DPP urgently to review this case. From what I have heard, she did not consent to sex with the alleged perpetrator."

Exaro News reported the CPS as explaining to detectives they could not pursue the allegation because unlike now, in 1967 the man could not be convicted unless Jane explicitly said she was refusing consent.