New Zealand Earthquake warning
British Psychic warns of serious earthquake in New Zealand REUTERS/Simon Baker

The British psychic who correctly "saw" Donald Trump's win in US presidential elections, the outcome of Brexit vote, and an earthquake hitting an Italian island has issued a major warning for New Zealand.

In a YouTube video, Craig Hamilton-Parker has predicted that people in New Zealand could see a "serious earthquake" sometime in 2018. The clairvoyant says this earthquake will be a part of a "general rise over seismic activity across the globe".

New Zealand has been rocked by a series of powerful earthquakes over the years. In November 2016, a 7.8 magnitude quake -- the biggest quake in 85 years --had struck the country causing widespread devastation.

If we look closely, more than 20 temblors with a magnitude of 6 or above have struck the country since 2010, something which could get a whole lot worse if Craig's prophecy comes true.

But, it is not just New Zealand which Craig believes would face earthquakes. According to him, tremors "will be increasing in unexpected places that have been earthquake-free for a millennium".

This, as he says in the video, could include places like Hawaii, America, and England. "It won't be normal seismic and volcanic activity," he adds. "I feel there's a lot of that ahead, particularly in Europe and America."

Among other ominous environment-related predictions for next year, the psychic said, the southern seas could become impassable due to a massive ice shelf break in Antarctica. The event could disrupt the whole southern seas, he adds.

"We're not just going to see bits breaking off, we're going to see a huge section break off down there - and I feel that's due in 2018."

Craig also warned that California and Australia will see massive wildfires, while those living in China, Bangladesh, and India should brace for major floods with one of the "the worst monsoons of all time".

Though the prophecy sounds dangerous to humanity, we cannot be certain about its correctness. Although Craig got Trump's election win, Brexit vote right among many things, he himself says he too can get things wrong at times.

"Sometimes the things that I 'see' may happen further ahead and – as I am not infallible – I sometimes get things wrong". In a blog post noting the latest predictions, he said that he incorrectly predicted drought in the US, toxic cloud over Norway, and flood in Europe in 2016.