UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled a roadmap to finally end the COVID-19 lockdown. The much-awaited re-opening of pub gardens and outdoor cafes has been set to take place in the week of April 12 to 19. The UK is eyeing the final stage of reopening to be completed by July.

Strict lockdowns have been re-imposed since the holidays, but the first major step towards normalcy is expected to start in late March. The re-opening of pubs and restaurants is being seen as a major step towards the recovery of the economy.

Phase 1: March 8-29

Schools are set to reopen in March and "rule of six" will once again be in place. This means that up to six people will finally be allowed to socialise outdoors in parks and private gardens, even if they are from different households. Those from only two households can meet with no cap on the number of persons involved.

Phase 2: April 12-19

By mid-April, restaurants and pubs will be able to serve customers provided that they have outdoor seating. Likewise, more people will be allowed to mix outdoors. Non-essential shops and salons will once again be able to welcome customers.

Phase 3: May

Indoor entertainment and other facilities providing indoor services will once again be allowed. This includes gyms and indoor dining.

Phase 4: June-July

Life should be relatively back to normal, with households allowed to mix indoors. Fans will once again be allowed to watch live sporting events, and regular holidays will be celebrated as usual.

By the fourth stage, every adult in the UK should have received at least their first dose of the COVID-19 jab.

This plan is Johnson's way of easing the UK back into post-pandemic normal life. This is being made possible after 17 million people have already received their first dose of the much-awaited coronavirus vaccine.

The government has declared that every adult in the UK will have a vaccine made available to them by July.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson will announce a 'cautious but irreversible' plan to ensure no more Covid-19 lockdowns. Photo: POOL / Alastair Grant