Quantico episode 4
Alex finally learns that Simon was behind the bombs, but he never intended to detonate them ABC

The midseason finale of Quantico is approaching fast and fans are yet to learn about the real mastermind behind the blast at the Grand Central station. To locate and dismantle the second bomb, the fugitive FIB agent Alex Parrish has gone a step further and is spying on her friends, who helped her in finding proof of her innocence.

In the winter finale, agent Parrish would be seen returning to the starting of her investigations as she learns that the real mastermind is still far out of her reach. What remains to be seen, is whether or not, her friends will continue to help her after learning that she spied on each of them.

Speaking about the bond between the friends, showrunner Josh Safran told Entertainment Weekly, "Well, they've recently been on Team Alex in both an emotional and a professional capacity, and I just think that in this episode, they will still obviously be on Team Alex in a professional capacity because they know she's innocent, but they are definitely no longer Team Alex in an emotional one. The plan was Simon, and Simon has turned his back on her and is now indisposed, and she has nowhere to turn."

In the previous episode, Alex and the FBI learnt that it was Simon Asher who had planned to plant two bombs. "I'm the one who planned Grand Central," agent Asher announced of his involvement in the deadly plan. But he insisted that his master plan was stolen by someone who is the real culprit.

In the winter finale fans would get to see Alex continuing her search for the real mastermind. The synopsis of episode 11 teases: "The terrorist responsible for the bombing of Grand Central Station is finally revealed."

Meanwhile, Safran said that the upcoming episode will be "surprising" for Alex as Ryan Booth has already left her after she helped Liam.

"The midseason finale is a game changer for the show, and I know people say that all the time, but it really is for this one. And more than that, I think the audience will be surprised at how far we get. I think most people would have assumed that we were going to try to string this along for the year, but actually, I think they will find that it's a very interesting, surprising midpoint," the showrunner said.

Quantico midseason finale titled Inside will air on ABC network on 13 December.